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We Provide value-added services for our customers,aiming to maximize your profit, while minimize the troubles and problems.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management Service we provided aims to help customers to find professional Chinese suppliers from good source and we add value for our customers by responsibly managing your entire supply chain. We commit to achieve high standards quality to meeting your needs through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

Logistic Solution

The International Logistic Solution Service we provided aims to help our clients to solve the most troublesome problems --- logistic transportation. In 2015, Esky started to corporates with few first hand Logistics companies to help our clients handle Export & Import logistics problems efficiently between most of the countries and China, so as to minimize the logistics cost for our customers, which makes you competitive.

Business Development Solution

The Business Development Solution Service we provided aims to help our clients design a workable business solution to start a new business and increase their annual profits by using the excellent production power in China.

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Skype: +86-13530555419