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Sourcing and importing products from China is quite easy nowadays. But many business importers always feel hard to find the right suppliers with good price & quality, when facing 1,000+ suppliers for same product in Alibaba.

We like helping well established business as well as known importers source good price and quality products in China, helping them avoid all kinds potential importing risks.

Unlike inspection company that can only send you inspection report, we help you negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, and fix quality problem before products leaving China. You will never feel so secure when import from China through us.

This is Amy , living in Shenzhen for 10+ years, professional in exporting business from A to Z, estabilished this company few years ago, aim to make global business no more hard !

Vision : Manage the world’s demand, help to find the right supply !

1000+ Clients Trust ESKY Sourcing

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Commitment to Our Clients

We take all our clients seriously, regardless of the size of their orders, as we aim to foster long-term relationships. Unlike other Chinese suppliers and sourcing agents, we will make every effort to secure compensation and minimize your losses in the event of receiving defective products.

Quality Assurance

We place a strong emphasis on product quality. We conduct a higher percentage of product checks compared to third-party inspection companies, and we offer this service for very low cost.

Competitive Prices

Helping clients obtain competitive prices is one of our primary objectives. While many sourcing companies attract new clients with low service fees, they often quote expensive product prices. We, on the other hand, are transparent and encourage our clients to compare product prices to ensure they consistently receive competitive quotes from us.

In-house Packaging Solution

Our warehouse boasts a dedicated production department that sets us apart from many other factories. We’re able to complete packaging work that others cannot, including highly customized packaging for smaller orders, purchasing accessories to create bundled products, and conducting full inspections of products.

Special Services for Growing Businesses

For large-scale or rapidly expanding companies, we offer a range of additional services. This includes assigning a team of up to 20 people, providing credit payment terms after receiving goods, and more.

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