Amazon Listing has created an A+ detail page. Is it still necessary to include plain text content?

When creating Amazon A+ product detail pages, sellers typically choose high-quality images, improve formatting, and aim to increase conversion rates. The advanced A+ content also includes the coveted feature of uploading videos. Compared to earlier versions that relied on HTML code for formatting and plain text descriptions, current Listing detail pages have become richer in content.

So, is it still necessary to include pure text content on A+ detail pages? Let’s examine a case:

Here is an example of a product Q&A section that a Amazon seller placed on their detail page:

Images sourced from the Amazon storefront.

Now, let’s copy a random text snippet and see how it appears in external search results:

Images sourced from Google search results.

As you can see, keywords from Amazon A+ detail pages can be indexed by Google. Amazon itself relies on external traffic sources, as shown in the image below:

Image sourced from Similarweb website analysis.

Therefore, while the keyword weight of Listing detail pages may not be as high as the title, it’s still necessary to layout content strategically to increase product exposure and traffic sources. It’s worth noting that under Amazon’s latest A10 algorithm, the weight of external traffic has increased.

Of course, the text on the A+ page should be added appropriately, not solely for keyword stuffing, which could harm the user experience.

Here are some recommended text content additions to detail pages:

  1. Brand story: Introduce the brand’s background while incorporating product keywords.
  2. Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Prevent some pre-sale questions by adding a Q&A section to the detail page.
  3. Usage instructions: For complex products, provide detailed usage steps and tips through text on the detail page to prevent negative reviews due to improper use.

Incorporating these types of text content can enhance your Amazon A+ detail pages and improve the overall shopping experience for potential customers.

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